Exciting news (read info below)…and another Snapshot: Eccl and Song of Sol

Announcement: Uplook’s Scripture Snapshots will soon be shown on RightNow Media. We see this as an answer to prayer as our mission statement is: “The whole gospel for the whole world. The whole truth for the whole Church.” RightNow Media has over 3 million individual users and 18,000 local churches who regularly access it (while it’s a wonderful resource, remember to test everything you see by the Book!). In light of this new venture, we’ve created a new intro for Scripture Snapshots! Go ahead and watch it…and learn about Solomon’s two other books. Jabe writes: “Get inside the mind of the wisest man who ever lived–until the coming of Christ. Check out the results of his lavish experiments to find the secret of true happiness. Then listen to the top ten, no, the top one love song out of more than a thousand he composed. A man with 700 wives should have learned SOMETHING about love, wouldn’t you think!”