Through-the-Bible Thursday: EPHESIANS

Through-the-Bible Thursday: EPHESIANS (3 mins) — Ephesians gets to the very heartbeat of Christianity. You can see that by noting some of the key words and phrases. “Grace” appears twelve times, more than in any other NT book, including Romans. “Love” is mentioned even more—15 times. No wonder, then, that we also read those lovely words, “in Christ” (or “in Him”) twelve times. And because of this relationship, Paul emphasizes our new-found wealth: the riches of His grace and glory, described as “the unsearchable riches of Christ.” But Christian responsibility goes along with such resources, and so our “walk” is emphasized five times in the second half of the book as our wealth was in the first half. We are also introduced to the sphere of the believer’s blessings and battles, called the “heavenlies”, also five times in this letter and nowhere else in the NT. So keep looking down, Christian—because we’re seated with Him in the heavenlies!