Through the Bible Thursday: The REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST

Through the Bible Thursday: The REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST — What a book! Is there anything even close in all the annals of men? Here revealed is the plan of all plans, the King of all kings, the battle of all battles, the victory of all victories, the happy ending of all happy endings. One motif that makes this final book fascinating is its surprising use of irony. Why was John banished to Patmos? He was exiled there because he had been proclaiming “the word of God” and “the testimony of Jesus Christ.” God in effect says, “Then this is the ideal servant for Me to use to complete the Word of God and give the full and final revelation of Jesus Christ.” Where are we introduced to the One who can open any door? Standing outside the door of the Church, knocking to gain entrance. Who does the world need to take on all this hideous strength, these wild animal-like monster-men? A Lion, of course? No, a little Lamb freshly slain! What did the devil want? “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.” Then the bottomless pit for you and your henchmen! And so it goes. Never a boring moment in this book!