Through-the-Bible Thursday: JUDE

Through-the-Bible Thursday: JUDE (4.5 mins) — The short letter by Jude is called a “general” epistle because it was not written to any particular person or church, but to believers at large. The purpose of the epistle is two-fold: to exhort the Christians to continue in the faith, contending for it; and to expose false teachers, pointing out their modus operandi and horrible judgment. Such heretics must be noted and avoided at all costs. Jude writes with powerful and pithy sentences, illustrating his points with dramatic scenes from the Old Testament. There is a sense of urgency in what he says, and the warning is no less needed today. The winds of false doctrine buffet the Church from every side. Jude’s 4-fold secret of spiritual success at the climax of the book and his beautiful benediction at the end are positive and potent conclusions to his antiseptic message.